Donald J. Mock
Attorney at Law

Donald J Mock and Chicago

Attorney Licensed in the State of Illinois Providing Legal Services to Pre-paid Legal Service Plan Participants in the Greater Chicago Land Area

Donald Mock has provided legal counselling and representation to legal service plan members for more than 25 years in a wide variety of legal areas, including:
  • Debt collection
  • Taxation
  • Consumer law
  • Real estate law
  • Association law
  • Social Security
  • Immigration law
Donald Mock has provided legal services to prepaid plan members in numerous areas of the law related to protecting and defending plan member rights.

Donald Mock is licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois and provides legal representation only to persons residing in the State of Illinois or having legal issues or problems relating to occurrences or events in the State of Illinois. Matters on this website do not create an attorney client relationship and shall not be construed as legal counselling.